When looking for a professional painting service, you come across contractors who offer both commercial and residential painting services. Since you plan to hire a painting contractor, it is essential that you understand the difference between them.

The significant difference is the size of commercial painting is big. Moreover, the painting process is also different in both the services. This article focuses on the distinctive differences in both types of painting services.

Factors Differentiating Commercial And Residential Painting Services

♦ Size of Workforce

In residential painting services, one requires a small size of workforce. For this work, a small team of painters are enough to complete the work on time. Whereas, commercial painting services will require a huge workforce in case of painting restaurants, buildings, etc. Also, it varies from interior or exterior area painting requirement.

♦ Quantity of Paint

For large commercial jobs, the painting contractor requires a sizable amount of paint. Moreover, they also need to cover wide spaces on time, so they use different equipment for work done well. While in a residential painting job, the work is small. Besides, a good painting contractor offers honest estimates for either job.

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♦ Scope of Work

In large commercial buildings, the scope of work is huge. Therefore, it requires more time, labor, efforts and paint to finish work on schedule. But, in residential buildings, the scope of work is small compared to commercial ones. Therefore, it finishes faster and costs less than commercial painting work.

♦ Scheduling

With a huge scope of work, a commercial painting job needs to be scheduled at least 6 months prior to the start of the project. Since the painting contractor requires time to arrange all the resources. In a residential job, a 3-4 week notice is enough for the painting contractor to start work at the site.

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