Planning to get your home painted? Want to get amazing professional results? While painting the interior of your home is not a hard job if the drywalls, trims and ceilings are in excellent condition.

However, cracks, blemishes and other damages are a common occurrence on drywalls. These need to be fixed first, before professionals can start painting. For this purpose, you need drywall repair service to give your walls the desired lustrous finish.

How Does Drywall Repair Service Help You?

You do not hire drywall repair services only to improve the aesthetics of your home. But, they also play a major role in keeping destructive elements like water damage and mold away from your home.

Pests, construction leftovers, moisture will form cracks and holes present in drywall. Drywall repair services remove these contaminants and make your home more energy efficient and safe for living.


Listed below are few drywall problems and solutions

Water Damage

In this case, it is better to replace the complete wall sheet. If there is no damage to the wall structure, then you can opt for drywall repair service. Professionals start the repair procedure by locating and fixing the source of the problem, which is later left to dry.

Expert drywall repair contractors use good quality stain blockers to remove water stains from walls. In case mold festers in the walls, professionals scrape off the paint to start the mold removal process.


To fix small holes and cracks in drywall experts, use quality spackling compounds and for bigger holes they use joint compounds. Professionals do a two layer filling process. They fill the hole with the filler and let it dry, once dried they repeat the process again. Then, with the help of sandpaper, they smoothen out the surface.

If the wall contains multiple holes, experts remove the whole damaged area or the complete wall sheet. Even, they use a utility knife to remove the damaged wall sheet. Then, they use screws to pin the new drywall cutout piece to the existing drywall. A quick-drying joint compound helps to seal all the gaps between both the drywalls. Later, they sand the surface to give it a smooth finish.

Minor Cracks

You mainly find them at the inside corners of the drywalls. Here, experts prefer acrylic latex caulk, which they apply on the cracks. They prefer this because of its flexibility, which allows smooth movement between neighboring walls.

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Loose Tape

One of the most common drywall problems is bubble formation and lifting of tapes. Experts use a knife to remove air from the bubbles and fill the area with joint compound. They put a small piece of tape with a fine layer of joint compound on top of the recovered area. They sand the entire surface once the compound dries.


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