Christmas plans! So, you are ready for painting the walls. The colors have been so carefully chosen for each room. But have you thought about prepping your walls before painting?

Here’s how you can solve the problem. Getting the wall ready for painting is not tough. Let’s see the key points that you must know about how to prepare walls for painting.

Critical Points To Know Before Painting The Walls

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1. Clear and Cover

You should clear the furniture that will hinder the painting process. Cover the things that you cannot move with thick sheets. This will prevent the paint from seeping through.

2. Surface Cleaning

Use a paint scraper to remove any flakes. Check the walls for any cracks, holes, molds, or areas which make it difficult for the paint to reach.

3. Sanding the Walls

Use sandpaper or a sanding block to smoothen the walls. Uneven surface disrupts the paint from reaching the walls evenly.

4. Wash Before Painting

Many like to skip this step, but it helps to remove any dust, or leftovers of any paint job done before. Make sure that the walls dry completely before painting.

5. Painter’s Tape

Protect your wall lamps and trims with the painter’s tape. You surely don’t want any paint drops on anything at all.

6. Primer Coat

Primer creates a smooth surface and conceals any blemishes to ensure a leveled-out finish for painting.

7. Test the Paint

You are ready to paint and all you have to do now is just pick up the brush. But wait! Have you tested the colors in your rooms? Well then, just take a piece of wood, apply the color on it, allow it to dry, and place it against the wall. Don’t forget to check in the light.

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