Should You Wash Walls Before Painting?

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Should You Wash Walls Before Painting?

Washing your walls is recommended by professional painters before they start painting. Prepping the surface being painted, ensures that the paint gets on evenly. Plus, it also ensures that the paint looks good and shiny.

Therefore, wash your walls to remove dust, dirt, grime, grease or any bad substances present on the walls. Use lukewarm water mixed with some mild cleaning agent and gently scrub the wall to wash it properly.

But before you start the painting process, make sure that your walls and trims are completely dry. Wet surfaces will cause a problem once you have painted the walls.

How Much Can A Painter Paint in A Day?

A professional painter can paint a single wall (14 feet x 14 feet x 9 feet) with two coats of paint in 3.5 hours. So, on average, they can paint 150 square feet in an hour. That means a painter can paint around 2500 or more square feet in a single day with a two-coat painting system.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Walls Painted?

Typically, the average cost of painting a single room is around $360 to $800. The interior paint costs $2 to $6 per square foot, with an average of $3.75 per square foot.

This cost varies based on several factors, which include:

  • Size of The Room: The size of the room determines the cost of the service. Sometimes, painting small rooms costs more money than painting bigger rooms.
  • Paint Finish Types: There are many types of paint finish available. From matte to gloss to eggshell or semi-gloss, the cost depends upon which paint finish type you choose.
  • Extra Charges: This includes painting the ceilings and trims, which are generally not added to the cost of painting.

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