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Professional Specialty Finishes San Francisco

A fresh coat of paint can add color and light to your house. A fine Specialty finish will add character and depth to the color and give it a brighter sheen. Good exterior and interior of a property increase its value in the market.

As there are many types of specialty finishes present in the market, so choosing the right one is a bit confusing and time-consuming. But, professional specialty painting contractors at Cabrera’s Painting can help you in the process of selecting and application of the specialty finishes.

Byron Cabrera the owner of Cabrera’s Painting has been in this business for more than a decade. She is a woman of knowledge and has helped countless clients with her experience in San Francisco and its nearby areas.

Specialty finishes San Francisco

Our Residential And Commercial Specialty Paint San Francisco Includes the Following Areas:

  • Ceilings
  • Slidings
  • Bed Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Family Rooms
  • Windows
  • Hallways
  • Cabinets
  • Shutters
  • Doors
  • Trims
  • Garages
  • Medical facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Education centers
  • Property management
  • Religious institutions
  • Gyms and fitness centers

Types of Specialty Paint Finishes That We Use Are:

  • Flat Paint
  • Matte Paint
  • Eggshell Paint
  • Pearl Paint
  • Satin Paint
  • Semi-gloss Paint
  • High-gloss Paint
specialty paints san francisco
Different Specialty finishes are used to apply in different areas of your house. The sheen on the surface reflects light after the paint is applied. So to select a perfect Specialty finish one needs to understand how bright you want that area to be.

Change The Look Of Your Property With Our Specialty Wall Paint!

We have the knowledge and the experience to help you select what Specialty finishes work for which type of areas. Selecting the right type of specialty wall painting will help to make any place aesthetically pleasing.

We believe in the use of high quality and environment-friendly material to ensure a healthy living. We work hard to help you achieve your dream house. To get a free quote or book your next specialty finishes, pressure washing, or dryer wall repair with us, call at (415) 319-5636.

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