Painting your home may seem like a simple challenge to overcome, but it’s not. Paints are made of different materials and can give a completely fresh look to your property. The finishes of the painted walls depend upon the type of paint you choose.

Apart from basic painting, there are specialty finishes. Specialty wall finishes give texture and character to the walls. You use different types of specialty finishes in different areas of the house, depending on the role of the room. You can select finishes depending upon the interior you’re going for.

To get the best results of painting, it’s important to understand the significance of hiring specialty finishes services. Professional painters can help you select the right paint shade and specialty finish to go with it.

For your better understanding, we have presented you with popular specialty wall finishes you see in the market.

Three Most Known Specialty Wall Finishes

Specialty Wall Finishes & Painting San Francisco

1. Flat Finish

This type of specialty finishes provides the best coverage and hides any blemishes present on the wall. Likewise, it’s a non-reflective paint that means it absorbs all the sunlight.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the toughest paint finishes to clean. So, it’s not suitable for places with high-traffic. This paint is preferred for more formal settings with less traffic and light.

2. Eggshell Finish

This specialty finishes is between flat and matte finishes, though it’s not glossy either. But they’re easier to clean and maintain. They have a texture similar to velvet. So when light falls on it, it radiates light from within.

This paint is best suited for places where there is high traffic. Plus, they also conceal any wall imperfections well. So, they are suitable for places like bedrooms and living rooms.

3. Satin Finish

If you’re looking for a long-lasting specialty wall finish, then satin finish is the one for you. It falls in the middle of the sheen range scale and thus reflects more light than eggshell. However, it’s not as glossy as a semi-gloss finish.

Apart from being durable, it also masks any imperfections present on the wall. This finish works well for places with less light like bathrooms, basements, entertainment room, etc.

Want To Give Your Wall A Spanking-New Look?

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